Monday, November 21, 2016

Turkey ribbons

I must apologize for the photo quality and since these 
bad boys have been mailed - this is it.
So shock upon shock 
I didn't have a turkey stamp, sticker or die cut.
No clue how that happened so I stopped by HL and picked
up the one and only turkey stamp they had.
Another shock, (I know they're coming fast) they didn't have
turkey stickers either. 
Also I shocker I only have 2 granddaughters yet I 
ended up with more girly colors on the turkeys.
I used water color pencils to color them in because
I was totally out of control and a danger 
to all stamped turkeys using regular watercolors.

Anyhoo, if you follow Ashi (Soaphousemama) you know
I jacked these fun ribbons from her.
I wanted to change up doing the cards and I also
had the presence of mind to add
a Zot on the back to they can either wear them or 
stick them somewhere.

I totally used a bunch of scraps too.
And I used punches though I did cut the banners
by hand.

Each one has their name on it by MAMBI alphas.
Keeping in touch with the grands
with snail mail.
Sometimes the old school technology works best.


  1. darling!!! I haven't made these in awhile :) Nice to change it up!!

  2. love them can't believe you didn't have a turkey stamp


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