Thursday, November 3, 2016

Incoherent word stamping

because well sometimes it just
works out that way.
Especially when one stamps AFTER
one puts all the stuff on the page.
One can only hope one learns from this experience.
 And then there's a touch of green.
It just seemed to work out especially when I popped
a flower on it from G45 that was
in my die cut box
and didn't that quite marry the colors together
because I really wasn't sure what colors to do.
I totally need to rethink the whole
stamping when the paper is blank.
 Since my white mist was really lame,
I used white enamel paint diluted with some water
to splat the about. They're hard to see here
but in real life it looks really cool.
It was fun with 3 photos and I didn't realize
one was landscape hence my design.
Its quirky and fun.

Lou having a ball!!!


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