Monday, January 16, 2017

Completed my Smash/Art Journal

I started this bad boy back in 2013 or thereabouts.
That is Creative Cafe paper - and that
has long been defunct.
And then it laid around because I am
seriously not that talented but here are
a few pages in case you care.
 Over New Years we went camping and my first
thought was not to take anything scrappy-wise.
And that was okay until we had to return to the house
because hubby forgot something important 
(which I now forget what that was)
in those few seconds I dashed back in the house and changed
my mind.
I only had a few seconds so I grabbed this album 
a bunch of different colored sharpies.
When we made a stop a Walgreens and I picked up a small
Crayola watercolor set and that was it.
I was gonna grab the watercolor from home but had second thoughts then.
Now I have one to keep for other road trips.

This is more journaling than anything else with some
*coughcough* art.

I'm glad I completed this book FINALLY.
It was a long time coming and its really just a random,
no theme or consistency (except the drawings are bad LOL)
album that need completing.


  1. i absolutely love this and your art work i love that you went over your work with the wataer colors

  2. I have some of that bad art too. :) I claim it all cause that is how you get better. You have to start somewhere. The next one will be better :)


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