Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Double pocket page spread

I have been wanting to do these pictures for a long time
but couldn't quite make myself do a 2 page 
spread because frankly they baffle me.
So these pocket pages worked out perfectly.
(and my title is crooked. Sigh)

And on a somber note - NONE of these photos were marked
with the kids names (and I did know every one of them)
however since I'm just getting around to scrapping them now
some 25-some years later, I only remember a couple of names.
So mark your photos and ID them right away, just in case you
can't get to scrapping them right away.
I did round the corners and in hindsight I'm not crazy about it.
This is Nick's kindergarten class and every year the put on 
a muscial/play and this year
was Jonah and the whale.
The kids and parents had so much fun and I never
laughed so much in my life.
(and yes I know Jonah and the whale was serious)
but they made it fun for everyone.

So they're lining up and the spotlight was getting into position,
well Nick wasn't happy the light was in his eyes
so mom got a picture of him pointing to the light and
waving his hand in a "move that" direction.

After they lined up to everyone's satisfaction, musical 
instruments were dispensed and in the course
of that, one boy just fell off the stage - then popped right up again.
Needless to say it cracked everyone up.
there were the action moves while singing.
The entire school did a delightful job and I really didn't
want to have to pick and choose these pix.


  1. hey at least you got them in a book~your kids will remember their names ( hopefully) good save :)


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