Friday, January 27, 2017

My faux traveler's journal

I thought a lot about a journal mostly because
I'd start and stop one almost in the same breath.
But I became curious about the travel journal so I checked them
out of course.
And I really loved the concept - but I didn't want
to spend the money - especially with my track record
of incomplete journals.
So...I happened to be in Michaels where I did rearrange
their products because of indecision.
I did pick up a travelers journal- well actually three, I'd put
one in my cart, find another, switch them out, etc, and then
decided I really did not want to spend $40 for one.
So I happened to sashay by the art dept and there were 
art journals for $5.
I figured no harm no foul if I dumped this project after awhile.
However, since I'm already on a cut down on
some pages kick, this works out perfect for those
photos you want to scrap with a story to tell but don't
quite need their own 12x12 page.
 I have been tentative with stuff at first but I'm
really getting the hang of it and I think this one may
actually become a finished project.
 I'm trying to decide how much and what to put in there.
Because its not exactly a "private" journal if you know what I mean.
 And some days its an everyday thing and somedays not.
And I like that.
 Then some are goofy "filler" pages because 
it was fun.
 I'm liking the random, fun, goofy things.
Like getting ahead with the kids cards.
 I'm also getting a handle on the white background.
 And highlighting an adorable trinket a friend made
or just a note about missing mom.
 No explanation here.....
So far, that's January.
It's a great way to use up them PL cards
that mutate like bunnies, and its
a great way to highlight the little things that
make my day rock.

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