Monday, January 9, 2017

Finding forgotten little gems

My mom and I got into scrapbooking about the same time
and as I was looking in some really early albums, 
tucked into a "cutting edge pocket page" for back in 2002.

I came across this gem.
 Mom always made sure there were pictures - (I was
usually not paying attention or busy) so there she was
grabbing snaps all around on Christmas, holidays and 
just ordinary times and she created and 
gifted me this little mini album.
 However, the reason I got emotional was not about the photos
it was about the fact that she put this little album
together and it has her handwriting on it
and her thoughts.
 Funny thoughts.
Not real deep journaling and I'm okay with that 
because just getting mom to write something was like pulling teeth.
So here's my question.
How often do you look back and go through your
early stuff
Had I not been on a mission to look back in photos
to find some information I would've missed this
(because I had forgotten I had it - as I have
about 40 albums of mine on my shelf and I have
about 12 more of her albums in safe keeping).

I also found to my delight and annoyance (because I'm competitive that way)
 she had pictures and information I didn't have and she didn't
share and it was such a treasure trove and a connection.

My mom passed a few years after she created this gem and her
other albums which I have actually paged through
(not very often now) because they are stored, and love the
comfort it brings because there are times when I miss her beyond a lot
and I feel blessed I have this piece of her.


  1. OH my goodness i love this your moms writing is beautiful love those scissors she used LOL i remember using them what a pain they were... thanks for sharing

  2. Awwww! What a perfect find to give you a heart hug :)

  3. My mum was a Creative Memories consultant 15+ years ago and that's how I started on my scrapping journey. Whenever we visit her, we sit and look through all our childhood albums. I love looking at how the craft has evolved over the years.
    Love your discovery but even more how it made you feel!
    A wonderful memory!
    Louise xo

  4. What a wonderful find, and so great it brought your Mom back to you, even if just briefly. ❤


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