Friday, January 13, 2017

Just a smidge off center

And there's a reason - there's this issue I've been having
lately with mists and the packaging technique.
It's been a flat out horror story - in fact there's one page
I seriously can't fix - that I may or may not ditch.
It's that bad.

Therefore in order to cover up said horror that strip
had to moved just a titch to assist in the
Feathers help too.
Now there's just a bit of color popping out 
that actually looks good.

Grands on a rock - they love the outdoors.
Pink fresh, thickers, and die cut feathers.
And mists 😐😐😐😐


  1. great lo love the off center look, on the other paper that you say is a horror story cut it up and use it as embellies maybe even stamp it up and then fussy cut the images out.

  2. Off center is always more interesting anyway. Fab page.


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