Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas card layout

I have done this every year since I lifted this idea
from Ali Edwards way back.
Every year the amount of cards get a little smaller but
its still fun. I also put the cards on my little tree long.
So I take all the cards from the tree and put them on a page
to remember them and to save them.
(This tree is from a few years ago).
This year was the year of snowmen and if it wasn't
a photo card which are tucked into the pocket,
 I fussy cut out whatever took my fancy and
added it to the page like an embellishment.
And there is no guilt in tossing out the remnants of the card.

I did save a card from my Uncle Harold who is up in age
in order to preserve his handwriting and little note.

Using what is left of the Pebbles paper or maybe there's more
I'm sort of "out of order" on posts.  


  1. i used to do this thee with kids birthday cards then they would keep them and not give them to me when they are done saving them grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i should have saved the christmas ones dang.... page looks great and i love the owl peeking out but you know how much i love them

  2. I have done this to in the past. great idea. Love the pocket page idea.


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