Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year & My 2016 Favs!

First a shoutout to my pals Connie, Lisa and Holli for their
continued support and comments. Mwah! 💝

Happy & Blessed New Year to everyone!!

Also, we rang in the New Year camping with some friends and
had a great time, inclement weather and all. 
(I have photos 😵).
Camping makes internet connections dicey and I decided to not worry about it.
It was quite freeing.

In no particular order my 16 fav layouts from 2016.


So there's a new blog look.
Wanting to do something different but don't know what.


  1. Beautiful~ I don't remember some of those :) so that means I missed some post :) gorgeous work ~ love stalking you!!!

  2. Lots of lovely work there. Scrap on.

  3. Great recap on the year ... love them all.. Happy New Year to you my friend

  4. Wonderful pages, I can see why they are your favourites!
    Louise xo


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