Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Photos from mom's wayback box

My wayback box is out of control so I decided
to plow through my mom's - it was
a mission for a photo of her and found a treasure
trove of photos of my kidlets as kidlets.
(And I didn't notice that stupid tag moved. Sigh
Says not a quitter under it).
Anyhoo, while I was plowing through the box I found a ton
of photos and these I decided to put together
as a "theme". 
Nick on all of his rides throughout the years.
I thought that was pretty cool.

Of course the pix were all different sizes so putting
them on a mat was necessary.
I put a bit of journaling about his tenacity in learning
to ride, which didn't come easy.
That boy fell off the bike so many times I had to quit
watching because I wanted to make him stop.
But I had to let him persevere and sha-zam - he stopped falling.
Yay!! Go Nick.


  1. great lo love the pocket pages u are doing.. what a great find in your moms stash

  2. Great idea~ looks beautiful. Love the grid design :)


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