Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adds to my Smash/Art Journal....

 So I decided to play.
And its really kind of freeing when you have low 
expectations - especially in the drawing
department. But watercolors are very forgiving.
I saw the lamp and street sign done
by one of the street artists in Jackson Square
and while I thought I could do it
- its nowhere near the caliber from the actual artist
whose name I did not write down.
 I think I put this photo out there as one of my daring
shoot from the hips and across the street
of a man taking a smoke break. This photo did not
get into the actual scrapbook pages I made but it
was fun to smash it.
 I dug out this thank you card from Mike and Lara's wedding.
It was a blast and I actually got the shot of the
day from their dance. 
This dip.
This is the color version of the photo they put on the inside
of their thank you note.
I did a victory dance for a long time in getting this shot.
And I was thrilled beyond belief.
 I journaled about about walking about New Orleans
and getting a do over on some things on the 
second trip we took there.
I had also printed this photo of the square and didn't
need it - so the perfect thing to do - smash it.
I believe I'm getting the hang of this.


  1. I LOVE this, I think I would love Smashing also. Going to give it a try on my next adventure. But even on everyday stuff a lot more freeing than Project Life. kwim.

  2. It looks great Lynn!! I think you have it too. Great pic's:):):)

  3. I'd say you definitely HAVE the hang of this, Lynn. Love it!

  4. This looks like such a fun project! I need to do something similar.


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