Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lines and clusters

I had a vision when I started this page and
at the end I really didn't realize the vision but I still love the page.
I stamped the line across and used ribbon
and washi tape for this sequence of photos wanting to use
the lines as a "movement" and grounding.
 I kept the clusters really similar and near the photos
again to help in the grounding
especially since the lines aren't too straight.
I also wanted to use a lot of textures - thread, ribbon, washi
to work with the stamping.
 Using smaller photos they were able to be nestled in between
the lines with the clusters.
Since I had my QK emily out, I again, used this font
for the title using this green vellum
as well as for the photo mats.
I sewed around the edges and my machine
was totally wonky - so once I started I had to finish.

I added the journaling along the lines
and I think that pulls it altogether. It may not have
turned out to be my 'vision' but I like the end result.


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