Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ice and Dramatic skies

Right off the Blue Ridge Parkway there's an exit
for Mt. Mitchell State Forest.
Elevation 6684.
And we went to the top.
And it was 23 degrees and icy. Just a tad nippy.
And really quite pretty.
Nice little detour but just a little bit of autumn going on here.


  1. christmas trees everywhere! love it so pretty

  2. Your photos are SO gorgeous, Lynn, and just 10 days after we were nearby at Craggy Gardens! I swear, we are just like ships (almost) passing in the night. :-)

    1. That is too funny!!! When I see big rigs pass I wonder if its you guys. One problem is we are in and out of service so much in the mountains and roads its impossible to stalk one another. LOL.

  3. Yep, but we were gone before you got there this time. One day!!!


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