Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scrappy supplies packed and ready to go

Heading out for "The 2016 Leaf Peeping Tour!"
I was hemming and hawing about putting something together
to scrap on the road because it'll only be a week.
Then I remembered I had this smash book and thought
"how hard can that be" you just smash.
I did start out thinking - washi tape, adhesive, that should be easy.
But then punches, stamps, stickers, enamel dots 
sort of jumped into my zippered bags.
 I did start out with these cool bags from Studio Calico
and they kept getting bigger and BIGGER.
Of course I neeeeeed PL cards, alphas, words, tags, etc.
So silly me - TWO bags.
Can't have too many stamps.
Believe it or not it ALL fits in this box and of course, I've been
throwing last minute, can't live without odds and ends in.
So I noticed the de-embossed cover and
decided it was kinda plain.
I therefore, took different inks and smooshed them around
to bring it out and of course leaves I had in my stash.
There is a plastic cover that I put back on - which was like putting
a cat in the car, but it does protect everything.
 And since the first photos were blurry without the cover
I really REALLY didn't want to take it off and put it on again.
I did get carried away with the leaves on the back - but what the hey.
Had issues splatting white paint about - but if we run into snow
we are good to go.
The inside has papers that are really not conducive for leaf peeping
so we'll see how that goes. I did bring enough stuff to
cover things up.
I doubt I use the whole book - but ya never know.

We are headed to NC, TN and we'll see where that goes.
Going to be another fun trip.


  1. have fun!! Love the cover, love fall leaves!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time, Lynn! Love how you decorated the cover. :)

  3. oh boy can't wait to see what you come up with

  4. I had to laugh to you adding to your bag and then needing a bigger one...that is so me...and I'm guessing a lot of us scrappers, lol.
    You smash book looks so great with the front all decorated up to the theme of what you are putting inside of it.


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