Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 Leaf Peeping travel album completed!!

I did have to finish it at home - mostly due 
to boondocking a bit too much
and our batteries ran down
and because we would hook up at night,
eat, clean up, go to bed, get up, eat, clean up and leave.
Not necessarily in that order. 
What I didn't mention before is that this smash book was
for a wedding. So I pulled out all the pages
that didn't work out and some I glued in to cover up a page
that really didn't go.
These are the ones I didn't fill up and I really
didn't want them in the book blank.
 Tommy Traveling Pants had a map that was out of date
so I whacked it up to put in the beginning
and at the end. 
 There were notebook pages that I used
them to journal as we went.
What is written on the page does not at times
necessarily correspond with the 
page next to it.
I'm okay with that.
 Smashed a couple of receipts.
And I did photograph campgrounds so we can
 return if we want.

 The card in the bag I left as is because I really
loved the sentiments on it
and the actually went with everything.

I tried to keep it simple and I also used a few
things that didn't travel with us
when I completed the last few pages at home.
I'm okay with that too.
Love how it turned out.
Used an assortment of papers, punches, die cuts and stamps.


  1. so neat! I bet that kept you busy. Very cool!!

  2. Oh and you were very close to where we live (and Joanie too) in North Georgia, TN, NC. :-)

    1. Seriously! Dangit. Next time through if we have connections lol.

    2. Lynn FB is always a good way to get me if you even think you might be close! We rode two hours on Tuesday to meet up with some RV friends. We live in Dahlonega, GA and have a 50 amp plug right on the side of our house, plus regular extension cords if you don't use 50 amps. Heck we even have step down cords in the coach. :-)

  3. ooooooooooooooooooooooooo you are very inspiring , makes me want to give a smash book a try


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