Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Almost packed and ready to roll

Getting ready to take off for our Southern Route Tour
and this trip my scrapbook box has been upgraded.
Last trip I packed my supplies in this little box and actually
did okay with having the limits.
I did get a bit frustrated using just scissors but eventually
got over - one by finding big scissors and second
deciding that handmade cutting was part of the charm.
What I'm doing different this trip is upgrading to a bigger box but
also combining the travel diary and the road trip album
if that makes sense.
This is the basic grey captured album I had forever and 
created basic pages with papers and added
pocket pages.
This time I added the PL cards to the pocket pages
so all that remains - writing in the diary as we go and filling
in the photos and do-dads and added journaling. 
 So I put together a "basic" kit so to speak with
punches, mists, stamps and alphas, pop dots, tiny attacher
dry and wet adhesives, embellishments
additional PL cards and papers for mats.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
I also learned to put the majority of things in a baggy.
Especially the mists , glue, and inks.

(Don't know if you noticed but from one photo to the next - 
stuff was added LOL.
 For the road trip last year - I did acquire a Canon Selphy
printer which is also packed in there.
It's compact and prints really lovely photos.
Its perfect for putting together an album "on the fly" as
we get downtime on the road-which brings in 
the "diary" part of it because the ole memory can be a 
temporary thing. LOL.

Of course I overpacked on the clothes and probably still don't have
enough or what I want to wear. Arrgghh!!!

Please follow our travels on the blog and just note that the
internet can be quite dicey on the road.


  1. Looks like you are well prepared and ready to roll. Enjoy!

  2. have fun ~ waiting to see what you create :) oh, and pictures, too!!!!

  3. That is amazing! Lots of stuff in a little space. :D Bloggie Love

  4. Looking forward to the adventure

  5. Looking forward to the adventure

  6. What a great idea for when you travel! I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos and what you make with them! -BL


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