Monday, April 18, 2016

Had some downtime for scrappy time

We boondocked in Guadalupe Mountains campground
and that means - no nothing.... no electric,
no water, no internet.... except what is powered by our RV.
What we didn't know is that our batteries
weren't working correctly so light was minimal in the making of these pages.
 I should scrap in darkness more often...
 I seem to be rearranging cards - which is cool in trying to
get the stories told.
I've been trying to go in order and then thought - 
who's gonna know???
Besides me and DH....
 I'm sort of getting the hang of pocket pages.
This is an assortment of stuff. LOL.
We are having a good time and since moved on
over to Alamogordo, New Mexico.
Internet is still dicey and my camera was doing goofy things
which could mean operator error so the photos
I took today are sadly iffy.


  1. Looks gorgeous!! I'm amazed you can do that on the go :) Good for you!

  2. So many fun elements! I like how you're really mixing up the page shapes and designs. :)

  3. I just adore everything about this - gorgeous book!

  4. HI fabulous album love it, cant believe you did this camping!!! Carole BL

  5. omg! looking good my friend i absolutely love it!

  6. omg! looking good my friend i absolutely love it!

  7. Gorgeous, love the pocket pages and all the details. BL


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