Saturday, April 9, 2016

The ride to the Cameron Jetty Campground then some

 The ride was pretty and sort of fast.
We camped in a parking lot that had a pretty view and lots
of critters came out to play.
Someone, and I won't mention who, forgot to bring the ipod
for our internet hotspot and it wasn't me.
Therefore, when the internet strikes - gotta roll while its hot.

 So if you'll notice facebook I got up close and personal with a shrimper.

I adore shrimpers. I love shrimpers. They have so much character.
Anyway I bought fresh shrimp.
Evidently I am shrimp illiterate because I thought I done good.
I bought itty bitty little shrimp that were a pain to peel which someone 
did under protest because of the size.
I have issues ripping off their heads but I can do the rest however,
my skills were not employed.
So..............even though I caught some grief for
the itty bitty shrimp, DH cooked them up lovely and delish to go with
some black beans and rice.


  1. i love shrimpers too they are so unique..

  2. I am enjoying following you on FB. Since it takes me so long to catch up on blog reading! :-) You sure have great luck (and skill) with critter photos too!


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