Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Scrappin the night away....

Had a bit of downtime which is always lovely
and allowed me to actually catch up.
Had a couple of DOH! moments like inserting
brochures and other ephemera in.
So doh!
 I've been trying to balance out - because
I have a finite amount of pages
pre-done but finite all the same and I'll be
on the road a couple more weeks so I'm trying to pace them out.
Therefore, consolidating some and using some tags for my journaling
instead of the cards - using them for photos.

 I also had another DOH moment - see that journal strip
in the middle of that pocket page.
Yup, just discovered you can put something in there.

 And the little Selphy allows printing 4 pix
on one 4x6 and that also helps consolidate and tell a story.
Love that.
Caught up for now.
Sort of.
Love how its coming together.


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