Friday, April 22, 2016

Attaining New Heights in the Gila Mountain Cliffs

There is a really cool cliff dwelling in the Gila Mountains
and its a National Monument.
One you can actually go in.
It's really really HIGH.
And we all know I feel about heights....
(hate them)
However, here's the beginning of the path that is a 1/2 mile
hike and and 1/2 mile hike out.
 Mostly on steps and narrow paths like this.

 It was soooo amazing to see up close and personal
and it was quite modern really for the times.
I seriously can't believe I did it.
The hike was a piece of cake I could physically do.
It was the narrow path and serious drop offs
that scared me.
However, once I started and took one step at a time
and watched where I placed my feet
it wasn't as scary as I thought and
I was in the cliffs before I knew it.
However, there were a couple of scary (to me) pieces.
 There were 5-6 rooms in this cave - some weren't available
but these were.
 And see that narrow ledge???
This was really the first real test up there.
I sat for a moment took a breath...and
 became quite the rock hugger in traversing that ledge.
 There was another ladder that one had
to climb down to get to the path to return to civilization.
It was straighter down than the one above
and it felt like I was hanging over the edge of the cliff
while clambering down very very carefully.
Then once I got to the bottom it was so
narrow and close to the edge I literally hugged more rock.
Because does this path look wide???
 No it wasn't AND  quite close to the edge. So
more rock and I became BFFs.
And see that itty bitty piece of orange there??
That's our car in the lot.
And that's how high we were.
And I did it...

Oh and I was carrying a pack with 5 water bottles and a camera.


  1. Beautiful pictures.. way to go in climbing up that cliff, crossfit is amazing... so proud of you

  2. Beautiful pictures.. way to go in climbing up that cliff, crossfit is amazing... so proud of you

  3. So beautiful (and yay, you did it!!!!) :)

  4. It looks like one of those places, you would have had to be there. Looks amazing~

  5. looks like an amazing adventure...BL

  6. Lynn, that trail looks so much like the one we hiked in TN the other day! But there were no cliff dwellings at the top of ours :-) and heights don't bother me, so there's that, lol! Great pics!


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