Monday, April 25, 2016

Sabino National Park and the San Xavier Mission

I love the saurogo cactus.
They are so cool and to me have quite the attitude.
It's almost like the have a personality and 
are alive.
And in Arizona they are everywhere and ONLY
are they found in Arizona.
We took the tram up in the canyon and was dumped off at 
 tram stop #9. 
 Of course we shared our casually strolled walk with
our friends Sharon and Paul.
 Getting the men's best side as they strolled on down.
 The mountains are so rugged and beautiful
and I really love the desert foliage.
I do NOT like the pollen and neither does my nose.
 Cactus is soooo pretty.
 Such a sweet couple and they were so adorable in
planning our day which included ice cream.
This day it was a main course AND
a dessert. LOL.
I'm soooo not kidding.
 The San Xavier Mission is a catholic church established
in 1692.
Watching a restoration video was breathtaking.
 It's a beautiful church that takes your breath
away the moment you walk in.
You know that it is blessed.
And FINALLY a shot where no ONE is lingering
in front of the building because its
 The detail and the detailed work that was done to bring
back its former glory was in and of itself a labor of love.
Sadly a lot of years of graffiti had to be removed.
What are people thinking desecrating history like that.
 The court yard was just as pretty and peaceful.
 And of course the bells.
It was a lovely way to end a perfect day.
Walking and admiring in the sunshine and hanging
out with friends.
Doesn't get any better than that.


  1. wonderful pictures and the church is beautiful and peaceful for sure, very comforting that it is being taken care of not many of them around anymore..may need to steal those pics or get copies LOL

  2. Lynn, wish I had known your plans! I live only a few miles from the Mission! Would have met up with you for a few minutes. Glad you are enjoying our little piece of the earth - I certainly do!

    1. Omg. That would've been so cool however it was just a spur of the moment thing.

  3. Brilliant pics Lynn. I love them. TFS. BL

  4. Looks like an amazing place! Carole BL x

  5. amazing photos.. gorgeous scenery... BL

  6. looks like you are having fun! love the pic's!

  7. What a gorgeous day you had to enjoy all that beauty! Great pics, love the cactus especially. fun to share with friends too!


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