Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ghost Town, Jerome & Tuzigoot

Headed down the road to check out
the local ghost town.
Had a saw mill, junk yard and didn't see a ghost.

 Copper mines are everywhere and this one
was a ghost town too.

 Main Street in Jerome. 
This is a blast furnace more or less.

 Isn't he cute.....
And enjoyed an ice cream......

 There is a business in there - glassblowing.
But how cool seriously.
They said one day it just fell down.

 Tuzigoot is a National Monument.
This pueblo is a couple of stories and was built in the 12th century.
 This is a bird's eye view of all the rooms in the 
 pueblo - this is the back side and.....
 These rooms run down the front side.
Because the pueblo wasn't preserved for years
the roof and some of the structure collapsed over the years.
It's a really cool place to visit and you can roam through one room
to walk up to the big square on the top.


  1. So amazing! It's so abandoned, maybe even the ghosts left. LOL! :)

  2. so many cool places to go and see and learn about the history of that area. So interesting :)

  3. WHAT? no ghosts... ugh........... great pictures though love the old machinery looks so cool

  4. I've been to Jerome but not the ghost town or Pueblo...must see next time! Great photos!


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