Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stopped by to see Montezuma's Castle

on the way out of town - heading to the Grand Canyon.
This is basically a 5 story apartment building
with about 45 rooms built around 1100-1300 BC.
 It was believed to be Aztec in origin hence the
name Montezuma.
Teddy Roosevelt made it a National Monument @1906.
 You can't go up there and seriously check out those
ladders and think why? would you want to but some slick
show offs that aren't afraid heights would scamper right on up.
 It really is quite breathtaking.
 Which is why I have about 100 pictures of this castle
built into a mountain that hasn't moved in a couple thousand years.
Oh and as we headed up to the Williams Arizona
snow began to fall.
 The temperature dropped to 32....
Thankfully now the snow has stopped, there is a light rain
and the temperature has risen to a balmy 38.


  1. Stunning photographs. So jealous.

  2. oh my goodness its snowing in april

  3. Montezuma's Castle is spectacular, great shots! I would be scamperin for sure ;-) And snow??? Wow!


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