Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beautiful Chapel of the Holy Cross

Built on the top of this gorgeous red mountain.
It was an inspiration of a local rancher and sculpture
who began in 1932 to build it
and completed it in 1956.
 Of course it's surrounded by beautiful mountains.
 Does that not look like an eagle...
 It was never not having someone in the way...
 I got the background and wow!!!
 It's quite tiny inside maybe 75 people can sit
and has an active congregation.
 Check out the gorgeous mansion you can see from the chapel.

Beautiful foliage in the crevice of the rocks and
there are coins that were tossed
everywhere along the cliffs of the rocks.


  1. LOVE Sedona! Sounds like you are having a beautiful time!

  2. beautiful pictures.. finally you got to see my mansion.. LOL

  3. Gorgeous area...I love finding shapes in the red rocks!


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