Thursday, April 14, 2016

4 wheelin' down the Old Ore Road

Big Bend National Park.
The sign said recommend 4-wheel drive.
Well I highly recommend 4-wheel drive - this road was
built by horse and wagon and its rough 
in quite a few places.
But the views were amazing and the ride fun.
 And this roadrunner - he was the best poser.

 Ruins of an old house.
 The cactus were beautiful.

 The Rio Grande.
 Hot Springs House.
Will be returning tomorrow to see the mountains
up close and personal.


  1. very cool ride :) Looks dry, is it? rain is coming to Texas Sat thru Monday. stay safe.

    1. It was very dry - we escaped the rain though and went in the opposite direction. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful Lynn! We rode (on the bikes) a road called Old Maverick road, and in places it was rough! But the scenery was amazing! I love taking a trip back there through your pics!

    1. Maverick Rd was a piece of cake compared to this one. This definitely had spots that made us go hmmm.. LOL. It took 4 wheel, first gear and wheel spinnin to get up a couple. And the holes OMG could swallow a horse thankfully we had a short wheel base and didn't fall in.

  3. Lol, I guess I'm glad we didn't do that one on the bikes!


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