Thursday, April 7, 2016

Scenes around the camp

We did pretty good today as opposed to yesterday in getting
to our destination without mishaps.
Nothing big - but before pulling out of the drive - the windshield wiper
valve needed to be adjusted so it would actually squirt the window.
Then the inside tire of course was losing air so after
stopping at 3 tire places we were finally referred to a 4th where
the fixed the faulty valve and that put us 3 hours behind.
We were headed to Tallahassee to visit with favorite youngest son.
We arrived at dark and left prior to dawn.
So no photos there.
This is our site at the Hollywood Casino campground.

That cute little orange jeep keeps following us so we decided to keep it.
A structure. 
Of course I took 10938709879870392 photos of it and I spared you seeing them all.
You're welcome.
You can thank slow wifi too.
Just sayin....
I can't tell if these are edible or not but there are a ton of them
along the fence line.
It does look yummy and plump.

And sticks in the water- very picturesque.
No pix were taken on the fly today because the windows were yukky.
Go figure. LOL.
Currently in Mississippi - heading towards Texas.


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  2. loving it! you guys go to some great places can't wait to see the next stop

  3. We used to camp. Love seeing your photos! bl

  4. I love going on your adventures with you! -BL


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