Sunday, April 12, 2015

Remember those old CD jackets?

Found ONE!
And its baaaaccckkkk!
They make the cutest little minis
and great for gifts.
Not too overwhelming.
So when and why did they fall out favor.
Inquiring minds want to know.
I noticed as I opened the jacket - there are 2 glued
together - as they should be.
Only one was upside down - as it shouldn't be.
 Undo does work its magic on old wet glue.
It wasn't pretty but it became undone
so I could flip it around and make it right.
It was a bit on the rough side
so I sanded the sides down just to even it out.
 And reglued it the right way. 
Now tags can be put in the pocket and they won't fall out.
 I inked the edges as I always do because
getting the measurements correct is really a crap shoot.
With the edges inked the booboos don't stand out like a sore thumb.
 I wrapped a single sheet of pattern paper around the spine
and I employed my bone crusher tool 
to burnish the paper to make it wrap easier.
 And then wa-la.
Like magic.
A completed mini album.
It's Quintin's 7th birthday and good think I looked
because I really wanted to make him 8.
 Of course in the photos he's 6 and under.
But who's counting.
And dangit I meant to add his birthday photo in it.
And forgot. :|
 However, its fabulous all the same.
Tucked away are tags inside where the CD would go
or maybe some playlist.
 I decided to get carried away and add glitter and paint
to the chipboard alpha and number.
As I was working on the page - the glitter kept getting all over the photo.
I solved the problem by a. putting modge podge 
over the characters AND b. putting the ectrochrome transparency
over the photo.
If you look real close you'll notice its backwards.
 And the same set up on the next page. 
I didn't pull out the tag and I actually added a photo
behind the flap with one tag tucked in.
I was going to leave the back plain but just.couldn'
Stamp with white ink - came out pretty good.

All is Basic Grey.
Have I mentioned I love that collection.


  1. looks amazing!!! So full and plush, he will love it!

  2. How awesome is this!?!? You have one lucky grandchild. :)


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