Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Found a collage template maker

Of course its been out there so long its free now and
while it has a variety - some of what I'm not really looking for,
 there are some collages that I can use and below is one of them.
It is Picture Collage Maker 3 and it works on Macs.
It really wasn't too bad on the learning curve - I had a couple of moments
but I worked them out. It doesn't like changes and after you make
a change manual sizing is required. 
And we all know how well I do lining things up.
 Since it was an 8x10 collage I whacked the excess down and adhered it
to an 8.5x11 Recollections cardstock.
Mostly because black makes the photos pop.
 I adhered it more to the left side to leave more room on the right
for embellishment clusters and of course
the way the photos came out - there was also room on the photo
to embellish.
Broke out my Paper Issues Swag Bag goodies and pulled
a bunch from there. They fit perfectly. 
Love how it looks and I love getting alot of pix on one page.
The way they landed allowed for some embellies.
And journaling.
And a title - which of course is a snowboard term.
The crew - its peeps you snowboard with - and that's my crew.
And doesn't that 5 up there make you swoon.

Oh and when you save - save as a jpg NOT a pdf.
Why I went there I dont' know but it was an easy fix.

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