Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another collagy page

I warned you this would happen.
I took these photos were taken as we relaxed at Babcock Webb
Wildlife Management Area and while
I could've scrapped each individually - however, some of
these photos wouldn't stand on their own
or there are really no stories behind them, i.e., bee on a flower, 
bird in the grass or a dead snake, etc.
The snake story might be amusing though as it was lying
on the side of the road-dead with its head and rattler cut off and
how macabre is that....
- seriously
we mostly relaxed in a chair,
I took the most of the photos from said chair
what more is there to say.
They look awesome in the collage,
they look great in the album not taking up a bunch of room, 
and bonus ding ding
 no one is bored because Lynn's storytelling is slacking.


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