Saturday, April 4, 2015

Around our camp at Long Key State park

The infamous and most photographed tree on/in the water that we did
not camp by this time.

 Some sponge that was washed up on shore.
 Some friends dropped in and hung around.

 These friends liked the water better.
 They grow wild everywhere.

We had a lovely time.
Did some bike riding and relaxing.
Fresh fish and shrimp on the barbee.
It was a bit nippy at night - which meant we could keep 
the windows open and lovely sunny days with a cool breeze.

And as mentioned before - unplugged.
All photos taken from the lounge chair in camp.
Doesn't get any better than that.


  1. great pictures! makes me want to go snap some of our beautiful nature

  2. Oh Lynn, I love your photography! And your descriptions of your RVing adventures! I am catching up on my reading today, and procrastinating on doing my own blogging! Finishing Texas trip and then reporting on our RV adventure is up next.

    That lovely purple flower is morning glory. Gorgeous photo!


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