Sunday, April 19, 2015

Accomplishing even more at the box

Me and Tobie relaxing and encouraging others
after finishing 15.3 CF open at the box

of which I worked the Masters (55+) WOD.
Below is the RX left side- Scaled right side.
7 muscle ups - I did ring rows and dips
which mimics the same movements in muscle ups.
100 double unders (jump rope)
or 200 single unders
50 wallballs-10# I used.
My job was to do as many rounds as possible in 14 minutes.
It was a really LONG 14 minutes.
You'll have to read to the bottom to see how I did.

In the meantime an update on some gains I made physcially.

Notice the knee with the blue sleeve?
We're coming up on 2 years after surgery - and look at me sitting Indian style
On.the.floor - with my knee bent.
That wasn't even on the radar when I first started.
As a matter-of-fact, when I first started that puppy wouldn't bend
much less in that direction.
It was frozen in time.
So to speak.
Oh and the tank top says grandma in beastmode.
Bwahahahaha Love it.
Here we are in action!
 Single unders, double unders. 
100 - 200
I do have a rope in my hand - however, back a year ago,
all I could do was bounce gently on my toes.
And you guessed it - I'm doing single unders. Double unders
take a certain amount of coordination that I haven't yet acquired.
I can whip that rope around now and knock out the jumps.
Which is why you can't see the rope I was
going so fast.
 And then the wallballs - 50 of them - were tough - because you 
need to squat down below parallel and heave
that (mine was #10 ball) wallball up to the thin red line.
Manly men need to fling it up to the big red line.
I'm still having trouble hitting that line everytime
but I can bend down and fling.
I'm thinking I just need to be taller.
It was alot of fun and totally exhausting.
I did 512 reps.
Next year it'll be even better because I'll be able to do even more.


  1. Woohoo, yay for you, Lynn! You go girl! Just reading your post made me tired, so I can't imagine actually doing those things. LOL!

  2. Ok, so I have no idea what all those things you did ARE, but I am SO impressed!

    You look fantastic, and I bow in respect.


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