Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pastel watercolor palette.

And there it is - watercolors on watercolor paper.
Although in full disclosure - the yellow is some yellow from
the excess I squirted out when I was doing my bible
journaling page.
I muted it a tad with some gesso.
 Not knowing what to do with it I took some inspiration from
Ashli over at Purple Mailbox and whacked some up into pieces.
I did have to ponder it some on where to go from there.
 I lined the strips up and on the square ones I punched out
a butterfly and flower and used the positive and negative space.
I also decided to highlight some areas with watercolor because Ashli made 
it look really easy. And I can honestly say - her easy is very deceiving.
I tried the coral and found it looked welll....
So I decided grey - Ashli highlights quite a using a soft grey.
Well my grey was anything but soft.
And wasn't I baffled.
 Therefore I got a mess going on and there's really no going back since
I used so much water the paper was tearing and I needed an emergency fix.
Therefore, I punched more flowers and glued them over the
rips and tears and
that sort of worked, I also decided that some
gelatoes were needed and I grabbed my onion bag for some texture.
WELL...the gelato picked up the excess from the onion bag
and that lovely teal I was using turned dark - because that's what happens
when you don't clean your onion bag.
It was exciting that the texture hid the rips and tears quite well.
 I do have to admit the darker version works and I totally embraced it,
because the alternative was to start all over again.
 I did splatter the watercolors around the page and that helped
hide some of the other sins going on.
 Tossing in some sequins helped hide quite a few sins
by putting them out there so to speak.
And it all came together rather nicely. There's a piece of
light pink toile behind the bow that's casting all sorts of shadows.
It perfectly reflects Annie's sturdy but dainty little legs doing ballerina moves.
And those tiny feet - ya just want to bite them.

Love how it turned out - I have more of that pastel paper leftover
so I'll need to think of more ways to use it.
I also have a huge pack of watercolor paper ready to go.

I used recollections 8.5x11 cardstock with some punches,
studio calico alphas and sequins
and gelato and watercolors.


  1. This is a total rainbow of happiness! I love what you did with the watercolored strips!

  2. more great ideas to steal thanks :)


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