Thursday, April 9, 2015

Birds of a feather came to camp

We celebrated Easter a bit different this year.
Instead of a formal dinner with ham and sides we took the RV
over to Nokomis intercoastal and "camped."
We had cowboy coffee, wine, chips and dips and
shrimp on the barbee.......with some delish sides.
And some feathered friends flocked in for a visit.
 My BIL & SIL also brought their bird book and binoculars.
I had my Tamron 18-275 lens in case you care.
The bird book sort of helped as you will see - though it
wasn't above having a great debate.
Which was fun.
The color of bills, feet, crowns and eyes are very important
in the determination of the bird.
A great blue heron - not quite seeing the blue though.
 The hawks had some drama going on which was
interesting to watch.
Male and female protecting the nest from an evil seagull.
 Crisis averted. 
Nest was secured.
(above waaaay in the back were some pelicans circling).
 This plucky little bird is a yellow crowned night heron.
 Not quite seeing the yellow.
And does not the photo below look fake??
I can totally assure its not and I'm doing a happy dance
with this shot.
And last but not least a great egret.
Couple of greats going on - and I have to admit it was great
that they came so close as I never
moved from my chair to get this shoots.
I know.
This guy was on the hunt - and he was totally focused.
 Very very focused.....
and then
Did he get the fish or not????
But a fun shot all the same.


  1. Your photos are phenomenal, Lynn! Wow! So fun to see nature in action, isn't it? :)

  2. Unbelievable photos, but I totally believe you are talented!

    If I ever get a real camera (you know, that takes different lenses, lol), I am going to email you and pick your brain. :D


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