Monday, April 6, 2015

Testing enamel paint in my journaling bible

I had two colors of Studio Calico Color Theory.
Yellow and blue and mixing them together
made a sort of green.
I seriously need to work on my smearing technique.
You'll notice two pages....well.....that was
a result of squirting out a little too much of the paint.
Did I mention they come in a tube.
I also threw in some grey because there really isn't enough going on.
I added some gesso to tone it down a bit and 
it didn't quite work out - it was so different in my head.
2 Cor 12:15
If I love you more, would you love me less.
And it appears I can't find the notes that drove me to this saying
for this verse. This refers to more of a parenting love.....
However, it can all be done to His Glory - so I shall not be
annoyed that I got this wrong.
There must be a message in here somewhere - because I
thought I was being careful with notes and everything so maybe.....
it was just something I needed to know.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know the first thing about mixed media, but I love what you did on these pages, Lynn! :)


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