Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sometimes a page just isn't quite the masterpiece

you envisioned.
I decided to put this out there because all anyone ever sees
is the really, really good stuff, and one
needs to know one is not alone when a page isn't quite right.

As you all know in scrapbooking there is no right or wrong.
There are a few rules as with everything else
and once you know the rules you can break them but 
this page doesn't really break any rules and the colors aren't really goofy,
the design is just well.......... pedestrian.
 It was a page put together when I wasn't "feelin' it."
 And it totally looks like I wasn't feeling it.
I couldn't  put my finger on it before, however, in looking at it now,
it is very plain and when I plowed
through everything (and I have quite a bit of everything)
nothing was quite right.
It was then I decided to call it a day.

Its an amazing, awesome photo
and I would love to do it better justice.
There are always options.
I can print the photo and do it again or
I can pull out the page and move/add/change it.
(a bit of telephone lingo there - mac)

I'm calling this is a work in progress 
and I shall keep you posted as to its outcome.
I know this has never happened to anyone else. LOL.
NO sugarcoating - if you have any 
suggestions just lay them on me. :)


  1. I've had these types of pages too, but in the end I've learned we're usually our own worst enemy. I love how this turned out with the visual triangle with the buttons, the color scheme and your great use of white space.

  2. Lynn~ I like it!! Sometimes less is better. It looks like you planned it out well. Love the picture and the pink hues on the black pattern paper. No worries, looks great :)


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