Monday, June 23, 2014

Revival of the watercolor pattern paper mess

Remember this disaster? 
Hard not to as I've been whining a lot about it alot lately.

I decided to connect some watercolor dots so it wouldn't look so awkward and dumb. 
I've heard tell you can't screw up watercolors, but I showed them.
And out of the watercolor ashes comes a heritage page.
 I know.
 And dang if heritage doesn't rock the watercolors and gesso.
Would you believe that's me and mom. 
Check out the fashion - it appears that it hasn't changed for
kindergarteners in close to 2 decades. 

I used Original photos - I have them digitally saved if I need to use them again.
And if not. OOPS.

So Studio Calico once again rocks it and their fresh stickers
really do not take anything away from the heritage photos - which
honestly surprises me.
What do you think?
I like being surprised.

1 comment:

  1. Never would have thought of that~looks fantastic. Love the vintage photos.


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