Friday, June 20, 2014

Railroad Enthusiasts would love the town of Cass

That is a scenic Railroad State Park.

The little town was soooo cool and just nestled in the mountains of West Virginia.
It was a railroad/logging/paper mill company town that had a:
company store (that is now the museum)
company housing
company mill

The company store/museum was closed when we blew through and some of the shots as you can tell were taken through the window. 
We really Or I DO - need to keep my side of the dashboard cleaned off.
Reflections can be dastardly on a photo.
I also didn't realize that the company houses were occupied. I thought they
were museum pieces but alas people still live there.
Of course the cars on the street might have been a clue but my eyes were
upon all things of yesteryear.

We also heard through the locals at the beautiful campground we stumbled upon
 you can take a scenic ride on one of their many steam engine trains with open air cars
through the gorgeous mountains.
(We didn't do that-scheduling issues).
Its on our list to come back and hang out.


  1. very cool~so your on the road again:) Love your pictures you share!!!

  2. Nice pics, Lynn! We visited Cass a couple of years ago on a motorcycle trip. It is a neat place.


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