Thursday, June 12, 2014

Using vellum embellishments & cover ups

Another fun page happening with the granddaughter. 
Although she looks a bit pensive, because after that slide was really
really high, once she slid down that first time,
all systems were go!
She would hop off the bottom, run back to the ladder and
practically knock her brothers aside to climbe back up.
It as very amusing to watch.

Therefore, it had to be a fun page.
Studio Calico to the rescue once again. (I know you're surprised).
Except for the alphas - that is QK Cosmopolitan.
A very fun, bubbly looking alpha.

Back to the vellum - the die cuts are scattered about the page in arrows, a layer 
that is actually a conversation bubble tucked in by the photo, 
the hearts and an @ that I love to use as her initial.
Vellum can be tricky adhering because 
whatever is behind it will show through.
I just used regular dotto repositionable adhesive
because honestly I don't care about it showing and it
proved to be almost transparent in some cases.

In full disclosure - remember the GO arrow stamped I used
on yesterday's page? Well I used it here
where those circles and doily papers cleverly cover them up.
Because I stamped directly onto the page
and I wanted the arrow to go toward the photo
the GO was OG. LOL
Can we say backwards???

OH OH and another booboo was a result in trying to gauge a rubon.
Hello today is a rubon and one of the easiest ones EVER,
which should've been a clue - because there was another that said
"let's do this" that I wanted on the page.
Only I couldn't figure out where.
So I laid it down and it partially stuck as I pulled it up because it was
not where I wanted it to be.
So under the cleverly placed washi tape - because well washi can go anywhere,
is the covered up half-stuck rubon. And just for good measure
I found a strip that said the same thing.


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