Sunday, June 22, 2014

Out of a watercolor mess

Such as this one where you can see the outline
of the where the photos were.
I added the watercolors in after the photos were adhered and its
obvious I need to work on this skill.

I flipped the page over and wasn't feeling it even with the washi tape addition. 
At. All.

So I found this basic grey page (from my new warehouse purchasing gig) and the colors
worked perfect actually minus the watercolors. I didn't have to change the matting and found
some really cute wooden buttons that work well. 
 I put the entire page together, and forgot about the journaling, thus
the kraft tags came into play. Sigh.
I'm thinking when its that's hard to create a page I should read a book 
or do something else. 
Magically, I painted the title on TH grundgeboard without a castastrophe AND added
sequins without too many sticking to my fingers, AND found all the
letters I needed for the word "long" in this pile of wooden 
embellishments in a plastic bowl - that made me beg the question of "what was I thinking 
dumping all the wooden things together". 

I have saved the original patterned paper as I have not given up on it. When I'm that annoyed, and scrapbooking really shouldn't be annoying, its best for me to start again.
Stay tuned to see if and how the rejected paper is revived.

After all that and Thursday's debacle,
I know you can't possible fathom how I could break my foot.


  1. looks great~sometimes that happens ( the not feelin it part) Cute pictures:):)

  2. Third times a charm! Love how this turned out, Lynn!


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