Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Building a cooking campfire

On this camping adventure - it was 2 full weeks together,
we did a lot of camp cooking and we
ate well, very well.
The Mr. is the campfire cook - I just sit back and admire.
First he stuffs the bottom of the stove pipe with paper. Lots of paper.

He then sets it in our volcano grill and pours the charcol in the top.

AD alert......
We stumbled upon this volcano grill at camping world and after much debate snapped it up.
As you can see its very compact and easy to store. It all packs in that bag - ours is square in a 12x12x6 size. You can also use it 3 ways - propane, charcol and wood. We love having choices while camping and when its this easy to use, store and pull out - we use so much we purchased a second one in case they go off the market someday.
Highly recommend this grill.

You then light the paper that's on the bottom of the stove pipe (stove pipe - is separate from the grill).

And wait. And wait.

Until the charcol burns down to the perfect heat. Unless you're really really hungry you may jump the gun. Once the coals are were you want them to be heat wise.

You dump them into the grill. Spread them out. And wait for the fire to wane.

 Add your wonderfully made burgers and watch impatiently as they are grilled to perfection.
We also purchased the induction cooktop (as shown on TV-lol).
Onions, garlic and mushrooms. 
It smells as wonderful as it looks.
Another best.investment.ever. for camping. We (or I should just say the Mr) plug it in outside (weather permitting). 
It heats up fast and steady and is perfect for sauteing veggies, bacon, eggs. 
Also if weather not permitting its good to use inside as well.


  1. Great tips for our future camping adventures! Have you used the stove with propane? Does it get ready to cook much faster than charcoal?

    1. We have not used the stove for anything but charcol. Propane is funny to use - while it cooks somethings fast - its hard (for me) to tell if its actually cooking anything. And it takes forever to boil water. But it does come up hot, where charcol is coaxed.


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