Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feeling the Pressure - TWO Studio Calico Kits

Just waiting for me. 
Ma came about when I broke my foot and
then planning for our 2 weeks RV trip.
Oh the goodies. Oh where to begin. 
Oh the pressure.
And then along came June sitting at my front door when I arrived at home Saturday.
What a great homecoming treat! Seriously, but now..........
I have all these photos taken on the trip - that are now just waiting.
 Can we say overwhelming?
I always feel that way upon returning from a trip- so many photos- not knowing where to start. 
I still have not scrapped our wild west trip 2 years ago now?
I can't decide. 
traditional pages, albums, or photobook

Baby steps -  just find that one photo. 
Then the mojo.
And then.....use those gorgeous kits.


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