Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cowboy Coffee Camping

In gladly keeping with the noise ordinance in boondockin, we decided on not firing up the generator in making our afternoon coffee. Fortunately, I remembered to pack the old time perculator so that just in case we were going to give boondockin' a go or worse yet, the kerig bites the dust, we have backup.

Pardon the blurry photo, but fill the coffee pot with water up to the line.

Add your grinds. We only had drip coffee and not thinking that far ahead, but perk coffee is what you need. 

Assemble your propane burner by adding the base and screwing on the burner. And then fire that baby up.

 Set your coffee pot on the burner and wait for the perculating to commence. 
(OR use the propane stove inside-which we did in the morning).

Oops. Needed to turn it down and then let it perk for 7 minutes - no more/no less. (same for the stove).

Pour and enjoy.

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