Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another PageRises out of a Lynnmade debacle

Remember this page on this post? Well it  basically chronicled the "I hate this evil stencil" debacle, pointing out that I pretty much create my own debacles. And wasn't I en pointe this week.
I know you were on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next step in the chroncles of debacles.
I decided that in this case more was better and again, I broke out the watercolors and gesso and began layering on the colors. Amazing what some connectivity can do. I didn't think of doing that at the time because I was annoyed. Really annoyed. And being annoyed really doesn't help the creative process.
 And now I'm seriously annoyed I didn't think of this then.

Therefore, I stepped back.
 Took a breath and a brush.
And wa-la another heritage photo. 
I KNOW! me too.
Studio Calico paper (I really need to get a gig with them), basic grey and cosmo cricket pattern paper some Studio G stamps, and Creative Cafe buttons and chipboard. 
The ribbon was leftover from somewhere and the thickers came in the SC kit.
And office depot tags - I have a ton of them. 

And the adorable little girl is my mom.
She was quite the fashion queen.

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  1. you've got guts is all I can say!!!! I'm scared just trying to figure what you did~everything right, from what I can see. Awesome job!!


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