Thursday, June 19, 2014

The aftermath of a series of disasters

I hate this stencil and why I continue to use it 
totally baffles me.
It has never worked out from Day 1
 though I might be leaning toward operator error I'm still not convinced it isn't evil.
Oh I spritsed, painted and daubed to no avail on other projects. I basically ended up deep sixing most of them. However, hope springs eternal.

I had this page almost done when I decided that it needed something more.
All due respect to the stupid stencil I laid against the page, it looked like it would fill the void because heaven forbid there be a couple of "blank spots on my page. In hindsight, I should've just stapled the stencil to the page. However, I would've needed two for balance you know. And in checking out the end result,  I thought the page looked really dumb and couldn't figure out how to fix it. 
Being in a really really annoyed mood didn't help.

So I plucked out some bazzil and stamped the brick because I liked that. I then proceeded to drop the newly stamped paper on the floor and rolled over it trying to retrieve it. Once retreived I managed to spill coffee all over it. 
 I really should've called it a day.

But I persevered.
 Because darnit I wanted to make a page and no scrapper worth his/her salt
tosses in the patterned paper.
In deference to all the manmade and natural disasters I had going on, I decided to keep it simple.
And it worked for the most part as I had bir, allowing me to complete the page
without anything untoward rearing its ugly head.
I did add the "celebrate" stamp this morning - erring on the side of caution and waiting
overnight to make sure the bad juju left the building.
I was going to add it to the other side of the long yellow card,
but I didn't want to press my luck. 
bwack bwack. 
Today I shall endeavor to create a page where disasters would not be noticeable.
My foot, is doing pretty good.
I need to learn to walk again - my gait is more like a waffling crab
than a, dare I say it, normal pace. 
Its weird when your brain has you muttering
"walk, walk, walk"
in a cadence.

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