Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Swinging in and out of Erie PA

And there is the infamous Erie Canal. How cool is that except that I really wasn't fast enough. We stopped in the Erie park so I could get a photo of one of the locks. 
Locks are interesting and only fun maybe the first couple of times. We traversed a few locks on our way across the Florida state and sailed over to Bimini.
Locks are located to one side or the other of a waterway, and you have to wait for their signal prior to sailing in. Once in, you are thrown a line and your job is to hang on to the line and keep the boat as close to the wall as possible (without banging it up or getting yourself smashed) as the water either rises or lowers to match the waters on the other side.

This is a bridge going across the canal. I thought it was neat and the park was pretty and a lovely place to pace to the time.

And then way out there in red is a lighted channel marker and or lighthouse. Either way.....

Of course I had to get it from a different angle. 

As we drove though this town I snapped this shot really fast because I love these old store facade. Check out the windows because of course I didn't catch it until they were in photoshop. It is mannequins or ghosts........

And then we found another lighthouse inland. This is the Big Sodus light built in 1870 replacing the first lighthouse built in 1825. This was a working lighthouse from 1871 to 1901. 
In this phot if you look left between the tree branches is the channel marker/lighthouse that replaced this lighthouse. Again, modern times sure took the romance out of lighthouses.


  1. Very nice pics, especially the ghosts! :D

  2. kinda of creepy(the gfost) ~ keep em' coming, so cool!!!

  3. You sure are getting around. Loving all of the photos!


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