Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watercolors, stamping, and paint, oh my

And here's Amelia - the wild child. She's sooo funny and serious. We had a great time on the playground, and being basically grounded by the boot , I thought I was pretty fast in getting some photos. Amelia can be loud and demanding. Knows what she wants and goes after. She can be sweet and also talks in a demonic voice. Her personality blows me away.
So this photo was perfect for a page of its own.
Therefore, continuing in the mode of actually pulling together the stuff I used, but NOT telling how I used it - here ya go! I used the watercolors with my watercolor pen - which I love. (Its filled with water with a brush on the end and you just squeeze the water through). I also mixed and mushed the colors around til I got colors I wanted. I KNOW. Surprised me toooo....

I used a charcol color ink to stamp with and then colored in the flowers. I drew the colors from the photo; the pink and teal/blue. The Yellow background just made the photo pop and some pink enamel puffy dots.
I used a sissix die for the branches that I jazzed up with watercolors as well. Yellow washi.
Studio Calico of course.

OH OH and you can barely seeeee but there is pencil doodling above the photo on the left.
I didn't do that.
What I did do was doodle with a pencil on the left toward the bottom and also from the branches down to the flowers in the corner on the right.

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  1. looks fantastic!!!! love the watercolor effect!!!


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