Friday, July 31, 2015

Scrapping on the road - Round 3

We had some downtime while waiting for the part
to fix our steps and it was a beautiful day.
I did the mundane thing of laundry because heading
into Yellowstone those things will be limited.
AND of course the only day to drop in a Crossfit box had NO BOX.
So I broke out the scrapbook supplies and caught up.
Gasp. Caught up LOL.
Anyway, the little Canon Selphy is a PITA and those
bragging about it - I don't get it unless they know something I don't.
Which is entirely possible.
It is driving me nuts.

Here's the fish hatchery we stopped at.
 And then out of order (gasp) I did the Grand Tetons.
I picked up the wolf post card, patches and stickers at the gift
shop and also a kit - of which I have used
the majority of.
I know!!!!
Then I printed my favorite pix of the Grand Tetons
which basically is the 2nd page of a 2-page spread -
and that's something I don't normally do either - so this
really is getting me out of my comfort zone.
I thought you'd might be interested in my scrappy area that was today.
If felt like I was at a crop LOL.
And my box of stuff.
It gets harder to put everything back in there.
And there we are doing our thing.
I decided to make pocket templates because everytime
I measured disaster struck - so this will take the guess work out.
I'm hoping by the end of this trip I'll be able to cut
a straight line with scissors - but don't bet the farm on it. LOL.
Random pretty pix as we stopped by the road
and had coffee or lunch.
We did hike to those falls.
It was a beautiful if dangerous hike for me
as I don't pay attention to my feet,
however, on this I did - as I didn't want to get hurt
or hurt my camera.
Here are the pix from Jackson Hole.
Or just Jackson.
The elk preserve and the geese.
And of course the famous antler "wreath".
I got the top because there are always a bunch of people
waiting to get their photos there so.....

We are heading to Yellowstone today - no really.
We are down to 4 days there boondocking.
And I've decided that if they have a scrapbook kit there
I'm on it, as well as other random do-dodads.


  1. You have me curious ~how do you print your pic's out? I think this is awesome:)

  2. I'm using the Canon selfie which is a travel printer and when I researched it you got rave reviews of which I'm not seeing so I need to read up on it because it's driving me absolutely crazy I'm not getting the quality that the experts say

  3. So fun seeing all these pics, Lynn! What an awesome adventure you're having, and I'm impressed that you're scrapping on the road!

  4. You are very brave not having a paper cutter Lynn; I would have searched high and low for a store to buy one. Real women don't need paper cutters, huh?

  5. There is limited space and small ones wouldn't help soooooo no guts no glory lol


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