Thursday, July 23, 2015

Got Smoked out of Glacier

Which was a total bummer because we raced
to get there to be in time for our 
reservations - only to set up camp - cook some chicken
and then bug out.
The smoke was getting really bad and ashes were flying.
So about 10 p.m. we were looking
for safer haven along with 109871293819 other campers.
We did find a place about midnight in a Good Sam's camp's field.
We crashed there and settled up with the owner in the morning.
 The east side of the park was closed - so we were optimistic
about the west so there we headed.
 Because of the size rig we could only go
as far as Avalanche on the Road to the Sun 
and then we had to turn around.
 At some point they did close that road in order to get some hot shots up 
there as the fire continued to get worse.
 It was still a beautiful ride.
 The water is beautiful and clear.
 Lake McDonald

This person should've totally won!
We did hang around one more night and was lucky to get
into another park - it was a beautiful, quiet, private site.
at Mountain Meadows!!!

We are now in a campground still in Montana - close the Idaho border.


  1. We were able to get all the way to Logan Pass a few days after we got to West Glacier, but on the motorcycles. We wouldn't even drove our rig in the park. The limit there is 21 feet even when there's no fire. Such a gorgeous park, even with the east side closed.

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