Friday, July 10, 2015

Repurposing Cigar Boxes

Stealing the word repurposing from my pal Connie
at Crafty Goodies who does it all the time.

Also thanks to my pal Shari Parker for the idea!

you have been warned!

I acquired 5 cigar boxes - a couple from Tom, two from my neighbor
and a couple I purchased from a local tobacco shop.
 They are different in size and materials.
This is the one I made for Annie who is an aspiring ballerina.
I used papers on the first two and found that paint is really better.
This is the front of the box.
 This is the inside and the original yellow was just to
pretty to cover all the way up.
FYI...doilies and modge podge - meh!
 Most have the same goodies in them.
Their albums I made for each of them - that you may have seen on different posts.
Rainbow colored pencils, calculators, flashlights,
sticky pads and a fish that didn't fit.
Also a cute little old timey tea set that didn't fit and needed to be bubblewrapped.
 I did have better ideas as I went along mostly because
for the next 3 I used coloring book covers
and they had a bunch of unnecessary crap all over them
so fussy cut was the way to go.
Ms. Amelia loves the princesses of Disney and these were available.
I painted the box black - they popped off
so I kept the embellies down to a minimum.
It was then I got creative with the glitter.
 A little purse
 I actually did NOT paint this one because it looked really 
lovely without it and I was able to cover up any mention of cigars
although these boxes are really designed lovely.
You can see a bit of the design behind this one - but it adds to the action.
 This is Quintin's and that's the fish that doesn't fit.
He also has a "green" thing going on.
 And then this one!!! I only painted the top of the box
and the inside.
And fussy cut the Captain out. 
 And totally boom!
I hope Cavin loves it - he's the eldest of the bunch so 
he may think it lame.
 And the inside.
 Owen's was the first one I did and he loves maps.
I downloaded a map in B&W so he could color them in if he wants.
I also added some geo tags for fun.

Also the cork map from Studio Calico was great for the inside.
And a quote from some America paper I had.

Owen was the last one to have a little album made.
I had these tags from Creative Cafe forEVER.
And it made the cutest book.
 I kept it simple.

 And there ya have it.
I hope they'll add more stuff.

Coming up - maybe if I think about it.
And then - I hope you follow us.
I'll be taking some scrappy stuff so I'm hoping to do
road scrap blogging.

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  1. out of the park~they will love them. So beautiful and creative:)


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