Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Camping on the Salmon River

We had the best campsite - EVER.
It was totally by the river where you could
hear the rushing water
And it was a beautiful sound to fall asleep to.
As well as wake up, listen and fall back asleep to.
We had some visitors in the morning across the river.
And they were beautiful.
Mama caught me there.
 Boldly crossing the river except for one fawn.
Poor baby just didn't want to go.
 Packed up and headed back to the east side of Idaho.
And on the mountain was this traffic light.
Is that not a hoot?
 More rushing rivers.
 And more amazing barns.
We made it back to Idaho Falls and we're
headed to Jackson Hole to hang out for a couple of days.
We will be boondocking in Yellowstone for
about 5 days - so I'll see ya on da flip-flop.
(cb talk - for I'll catch ya on the return trip or whenever
I get internet service) LOL!

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful and peaceful! Definitely epitomizes going back to nature. :)


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